Non-resident income tax. Income allocation

Who has to pay this tax?

They are obliged to declare all those non-residents of Spain who are owners of urban properties located in national territory that have been intended for use by the owners, that is, they have not been leased.

When do you have to pay?

The tax settlement period is for the entire calendar year following the year that originates the obligation. In other words, a person who buys a home in July 2016 will have all of 2017 to pay the tax.

How can we help?

Every year we will contact you to remind you of your obligation to pay the non-resident tax, informing you of the amount to be paid.

What documents do we need?

  • Deed of sale of all properties in Spain.
  • NIE and passport of all owners.
  • Last receipt of the Real Estate Tax where the Cadastral Value comes.
  • Bank account where to domicile taxes.

Our fees are:

  • For a person who owns a home € 60 + VAT.
  • In the case of two owners of a home € 110 + VAT.
  • For other cases, contact us and we will inform you.

The amount includes:

  • Unlimited tax advice in relation to tax obligations as a non-resident, inheritance taxes, obligations in the event of home sales, etc.
  • The calculation and information on the amounts to be paid, the preparation of taxes and the payment by direct debit to the account that you indicate.
  • The small steps that you need to carry out in relation to your home such as contracting with electricity or water companies, change of direct debit, management of pending receipts, etc.