Calculating taxes. Carrasco Advisory

Tax consultant

Our tax advisory department has a group of experts with extensive professional experience. For a monthly fee they will take care of the tax calculation and accounting of your company. Advising you at all times to comply with your tax obligations.


Our services about tax matters

Fiscal advice

You will receive information about your tax obligations, being able to make all the necessary queries.


We prepare the accounting of your company from the invoices and the additional information received.

Calculating taxes

We calculate your tax settlements, notifying you in advance of the deadlines and helping you in the management.

We offer the best online tools.

Invoicing APP

Online billing tool, available from any device with an internet connection. It allows you to issue invoices, keep track of expenses, manage your clients' collection, among others.

Staff registration

App to keep track of the working hours of all workers, sick leave and vacations. This application allows workers to clock in and out of work or also with their mobile phone.

Online advisor

Customer portal where you can access at any time all the information of your company such as taxes paid, payroll, employment contracts, invoices and document management.

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