Income tax 2021

The annual income tax campaign begins on 6th April 2022. The deadline to file your self-assessment will be on 30th June 2021. We can help you determine the best way to file your declaration so that you pay as little tax as possible.

Renta 2021

Gestoría Carrasco offers to you Services

Expats services

Traffic Services

Transfers, cancellations and registration of vehicles as well as renewal or exchange of driving license for foreigners, etc. Rely on an experienced team of professionals who will perform any procedure related to your vehicle effectively and quickly and avoid future problems.

Expats services

Conveyancing and non-residents

Our services include all kinds of procedures for expatriates such as translation, non-resident taxes, and all kinds of procedures for foreigners. We have sworn interpreters who will translate any deed of sale, mortgage, wills or powers into your language so that you can take into account all the clauses and conditions. We also advise you on how to pay your taxes as a non-resident in Spain
Tax consultant services

Fiscal advice

Tax, labor and accounting advice to mercantile and small autonomous companies. We carry out the accounting and calculate your taxes from the invoices and the information you provide us. We take care to remind you in advance of the VAT settlement dates and other taxes. We provide you with adequate tools for billing and managing collections and payments in your company.