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Our services

Filing tax returns, labour and employment servicesaccountancypractice, and bookkeeping for limited companies and sole traders/business/ self-employed.

Traffic office issues: Vehicle ownership transfers, car un-registration, changing plates, renewal of driving license, changing driving license into Spanish license, etc.

Convenyancing: Land registry research, registration of Title deeds at Land Register’s office, as well as inheritance and mortgage deeds, stamp duty payments, etc.

Consulting and all sort of procedures or formalities for foreigners and expats, Non-residents’ tax and issues who will be assisted in their own language;Gestoria Carrasco’s staff is high qualified and speak English, French, German and Italian.

Servicios de extranjeros

Traffic Services

  • Car registration.
  • Car Import.
  • Buying or selling a car.
  • Exchange driving license.
  • Vehicles discharge.
  • Traffic report.
  • Cancel charges.
Servicios a extranjeros


  • Application for NIE or Residence.
  • Non-resident tax.
  • Fiscal Residence. FD9
  • Application for health card.
  • Wills.
  • Translations.
  • Conveyancing.
Servicios de asesoría fiscal

Fiscal services

  • Tax consultants.
  • Tax return.
  • Modular system.
  • Self employees.
  • Constitución de Sociedades.
  • Book keeping.
  • Work contracts and Social Security.

Fiscal Residence

According to art. 8 of the Income Tax Law, it is understood that a taxpayer has his habitual residence in Spain when:     

  1. Stay more than 183 days, during a calendar year, in Spanish territory.     
  2. Settle in Spain the main nucleus or base of your economic activities or interests, directly or indirectly.

When a foreigner lives more than half of the year in Spain . . .

Trámites de vehículos Gestoría Carrasco

Traffic Services

The purchase or registration of a vehicle carries different taxes depending on the type of vehicle. If you want to know how much the procedure will cost please contact us and we will give you a budget.

Set up a business

If you are thinking of starting an economic activity but you do not know which is the best option to carry out your business, at Gestoría Carrasco we offer you all the possibilities and we advise you the best way to carry it out, either as a self-employed person in direct estimation or modules or through a society or community of goods. We perform all the necessary procedures quickly so that you do not have to worry about legal obligations and cumbersome paperwork. Contact us and ask for an appointment. The first appoinment does not have any cost for you.

Gestoría Carrasco. Asesores de empresas


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask for an appointment and visit us. We offer you the best advice and the best solution from our experts with an extensive professional career in each of their fields. The first appointment is free.

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